The Cat Wouldn’t Walk The Qur’an is an experiment out of a series called “THE EXPLORIST”. In this experiment we put our cat on the Qur’an to see if it would walk off as it was written in one of their religious books.

The result of this video was incredible! A Cat Wouldn’t Walk Across The Quran. The Most interesting part is how the people react to it, watch and see for yourself!

The video of a cat that wouldn’t walk on the Qur’an has been shocking the world, especially Christians.

The experiment was conducted by some Muslim researchers in order to prove that cats were bad luck for their religion and that this confirms the truthfulness of Islam

There are many people in it, including non-Muslims, but this phenomenon has shocked the world, especially Christians. The Christian will see their God and that the Islamic followers see a Qur’an in the video.

Muslims and others have expressed an interest in Islam. The Muslims think it’s not real, but it is. Cat wouldn’t walk on the Qur’an. So far as we know, this is an experiment that has never been used before.

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